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Celtics Stuff Live: Scott Souza



Join us Tonight from 9-10pm EST as Scott Souza returns to the show to evaluate your quick start Boston Celtics and their three OT games through the first 10 games. Scott's article this morning is a must read that takes on the parallels (and more obvious differences) between the 2007 Celtics and this season's arch nemesis Miami Heat coming off their second loss of the season to Boston: was startling how easy it was to pick apart the Heat. How Bosh shrunk from confrontation, how Wade drifted into the background, how James went rouge and clanged a shot off the side of the backboard in crunch time and then blamed playing too many minutes for his lack of energy at the end of the game.

How the Heat reacted when the season became more than a wrestling-inspired introduction of scripted posing, posturing and pyrotechnics.

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