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Marquis Unlikely - C's Look For Plan B

Injury risk?
Injury risk?

The worry since the beginning of camp has been "what do we do at the backup 3 position if/when Marquis Daniels gets hurt?"  Well, we'll likely find out a few answers tomorrow night and here is a sneak peek:

Clarification: Daniels is not hurt, he's just missing some time due to a family issue.

Practice report: C's brace for no Daniels - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"Well, we have Delonte," Rivers said with a shrug when asked about backups behind Paul Pierce. "It's not what you want at the 3. We would be small, obviously, at that position so we'd just have to pitch in." Daniels' absence could mean more minutes for Pierce or Ray Allen if the Celtics elect to lean on their starters (though a rare comfortable lead might offer flexibility to float in the likes of Von Wafer or Luke Harangody instead).

Obviously that's not the ideal situation, and if it looked like Marquis was going to miss significant time, it would make sense for the team to either make a move or roll the dice with Harangody with extended minutes.  Still, this is exactly why folks on this blog were in favor of keeping Lasme over the largely unused (even when Delonte was out) Wafer.

Hopefully Daniels won't be gone long and hopefully it won't matter who plays against the Wall-less Wizards.

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