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Another Perk Injury Update

H/T to fordescort for his FanPost has had a few stories revolving around Kendrick Perkins' rehab from a torn ACL in his right knee lately. They've been welcome, as Perkins will be a welcome addition to a team that came into the season with considerable front court depth, but has since seen that front court depth diminished somewhat by injuries. 

Here's more on Perk's progress, from the man himself:

"Everything is feeling real good," Perkins told on Monday, four months from the day he underwent surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

He said another MRI test will be performed later this month, which would give both him and the doctors a better sense of how soon he'll be able to suit up for the Green team.

There are a number of limitations to what he can do physically, but "I could take off running for you right now. I couldn't pivot or anything like that, but I can take off, for sure."

I've personally been interested in what Perk's current limitations are. It's definitely nice to know he's able to run and what not. I'm not fully surprised that he isn't able to pivot just yet, but everything that's been published has indicated that he's moving in the right direction, which is basically all we can hope for at this point in time. 

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