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Rebounding Up, But Not Because Of The Bigs

As Jimmy Toscano pointed out yesterday, the rebounding (that plagued us in the playoffs last year) is up this year.  But it isn't because of the 3 new centers we added to the team.

Celtics on rebound -

The difference for the Celtics has come primarily from three individuals, all of whom were a part of the team that finished 29th in the NBA in rebounding last season. Kevin Garnett is averaging 11.7 rebounds (7.3 last year), Paul Pierce [stats] is averaging 8.3 (4.4) and Rajon Rondo [stats] is averaging 6.3 (4.4). The Celts are averaging 44.7 rebounds, an improvement of 6.1 boards per game from last season.

Hopefully they can keep it up.  Now if only we could work on that turnover problem...

Speaking of bigs, the Red Claws added another big man in the D-League draft.

Green Street » Red Claws select Magnum Rolle in draft

The Maine Red Claws selected Magnum Rolle in the first round of the D-League draft Monday. A 6-foot-11 center from Louisiana Tech, Rolle was drafted by Oklahoma City in the second round of the 2010 NBA draft and then traded to the Pacers.

Red Claws Draft Magnum Rolle, Steal of the D-League Draft -- NBA FanHouse

Rolle has as many weaknesses as any D-League draft prospect, but is also a stellar prospect and more than that is an actual viable big man. Think of it! A viable! NBA D-League! Big! Those never exist! Next to Paul Harris, Tiny Gallon and Mario West, the Red Claws are already looking very much like a team that could be back in playoff contention as they were last year before a late-season slide. 

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