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NBA Notes - November 26

Uh...Did we just lose...again?(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Uh...Did we just lose...again?(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Celtics host the Raptors tonight, and will hopefully be motivated after they were snubbed by Toronto north of the border last Sunday, 102-101. 

There isn't a whole lot of news to report this morning: Rajon Rondo will probably be listed as a gametime decision once again tonight, but most likely will not play, and it's still unclear as to how long Delonte West will be out for after breaking his right wrist in Wednesday's victory over the New Jersey Nets

But, the Celtics are just one of 30 teams in the NBA. What else has been going on in this wonderful league of ours? Let's take a look.

Blake Griffin Dunks...A Lot

Has anyone gotten to watch Clippers rookie (technically) Blake Griffin consistently this season? Unfortunately, I've only caught the highlights, but boy, they've certainly been impressive. I can't speak to how well Griffin's playing overall this season, but I can certainly admit that I've been incredibly impressed by the rim-rattling dunks I've seen him throw down so far. Seriously, he makes Gerald Green look like a puppy dog. Here's a link to his top 10 dunks of the season. Can we schedule him for the dunk contest and just have him dunk on people? Let's collect all of  the players he's dunked on so far this season and give them another chance at stopping him. I bet they won't. 

David Lee Can Work Out Again

This is one of those strange situations that really doesn't happen very often. In a game against his former team, the New York Knicks, earlier this season, Warriors forward David Lee's elbow collided with Knicks forward Wilson Chandler's mouth and a fragment of Chandler's tooth got embedded in Lee's arm. The area got infected and Lee required two separate procedures to deal with the infections. He's been cleared to participate in "light conditioning" and will be re-examined today

Cavs Ban Anti-LeBron Apparel for James's Return

In a smart move on the part of the Cleveland Cavaliersfans are forbidden to wear anti-LeBron James apparel and bring anti-LeBron paraphernalia to the December 2 game in which the Cavs host James and his new team, the Miami Heat. Extra security will be on hand during the game (also a good idea), and any fans who manage to sneak in inappropriate apparel or other items will have them confiscated if caught by security.

My only hope is that no one does anything stupid that results in a player, fan, or anyone else suffering some sort of injury. I mean, "boo" James and the Heat all you want, but don't resort to throwing things on the court or anything of that nature. I'm not sure what the Quicken Loans Arena's deal is with the companies who supply alcohol, but, if possible, it might not be a bad idea to not sell it during this particular game. 

Heat Check

In other news, the Heat are 8-7 through their first 15 games. But don't worry, I'm sure Dwyane Wade considers them the best "just above .500 team in the league". Oh, and also, the Heat were 9-6 through their first 15 games last season. Just saying. 

Question of the Morning: Would you want to be Erik Spoelstra right now? 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let's get a win tonight.

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