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Magic Open To Blockbusters

Interesting post on the Orlando Sentinel blog. Probably more speculation than substance, but something to think about.

Magic’s ears perked to make trades – Orlando Magic BasketBlog – Orlando Sentinel

The Magic still are open to making a deal for either Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul — they’re partial to Paul — and would part with pieces not named Dwight Howard. ... The Magic are no fools: They want to win a title and they know they need either a big-time scorer or playmaker to get past the Celtics or Heat, and then the Lakers. They would even be willing to take a step back this season to restock if it meant they could land either Anthony or Paul.

I think some of this is common sense. Of course they would get rid of Vince and whatever flotsam they've got lying around for a star like Anthony or Paul. So would most teams. A team with Howard and one of those two is enough to make anyone stand up and pay attention. And if they take a step back this year to get it done, hey... that's one more team out of our way.

I think a more realistic scenario would have them looking to move some of their depth for an upgrade in talent sometime around the trade deadline. They are built to win lots of regular season games, but they haven't been able to put it together when it counts the most. Once again, they will be an interesting team to watch and compete against.

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