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Delonte West to Have Surgery Tomorrow

Celtics guard Delonte West will undergo surgery on his right wrist tomorrow, according to Chris Forsberg's Twitter. West broke his right wrist in the second quarter of the Celtics' 89-83 victory over the New Jersey Nets last Wednesday when he fell hard after converting a layup in transition. No time table has been set for West's return, but hopefully one will be provided shortly after the surgery tomorrow. 

Shaq Misses Practice

Shaquille O'Neal did not practice with the Celtics today, but his absence was not excused. Forsberg tweeted:

Shaq with an unexcused absence from practice. Doc says the team has dealt with it and moved on. No history of this behavior says Doc.

Forsberg has since tweeted that Shaq is with the team on the plane to Cleveland. Apparently Shaq mixed up the time of the practice, which resulted in him missing it. 

The Other O'Neal

I have one question regarding the other O'Neal, Jermaine: What's he up to? He tweeted recently that he's been rehabbing the knee, and the latest update we've gotten on him came on November 25 following the Celtics' win over the Nets last Wednesday. Here's what Doc Rivers had to say afterwards:

"No, I haven't talked to Jermaine and I don't know if he's feeling better or not," admitted Rivers. "I don't even know [the timetable], what did I say, 2-3 weeks? I would be surprised if it's even that, personally. I don't know."

Doc went on to say he has no intention of playing Jermaine unless he's 100 percent, which makes sense, obviously. For now I suppose we'll just have to stay patient and hope he can make it back as soon as possible so that he's able to help the second unit out, especially defensively. 

Update: Doc spoke about Jermaine at practice today:

"No, he's in town, he's working out, and doing all the stuff he should be doing," said Rivers. "But I haven't even checked [on his status], honestly. He's not playing this week, I can tell you that."

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