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Overtime Bull Ride !!!!!

No Bull!!!.....we are 5-1!!!! and we put a saddle on some tough Bulls tonight, finally branded them in OT and then rode them outta town . While we have one tough road ahead for the next few weeks, we are currently riding high for the moment, and tonight, sitting atop a herd of beaten Bulls,  freshly branded with a green Shamrock tattooed on their back left buttocks it feels pretty good. The green shamrock seared into the fur of Noah is the best looking thing he has got going on for his looks (Don't tweet me Noah).

Quarter # 1 - The Bull Roundup  -  We didn't roundup any Bulls in this quarter despite some intense defense by our starting 5 in the first 4-5 minutes. Rose, the lead Bull ran wild, and as soon as Rondo left about the 5 minute mark our momentum disappeared. We went cold and Paul Pierce apparently like being stuck near 20,000 points as he was 0-5 or 0-6 in this quarter. We shoot only 32% this quarter. No bulls in put in the Bull pen in this quarter.

Quarter #2 - Culling the Herd - Well we didn't cull the herd by getting anyone in foul trouble. Maquis showed some life, awake from his coma (what?), along with Rondo and KG, we did turned this into a 30-15 quarter. It's impressive how much Rondo can change a game, and how much he can find KG.  Bulls shoot 5-17 in this quarter and Noah capped off the end of the quarter with a T. Why exactly? He spit thru the gap on his teeth and muttered the word cancerous under his breath? His hair just became too much to take for the bald headed refs? 

I was told at this point to use an 80's pop culture reference by Indeed the discussion in the 2nd Quarter by Mark "Small Man" Jackson and Breen regarding KG??? - well gag me with a spoon...... like totally. How does Breen get a job outside New York? This is the best ESPN can get? Score at the Half: 49-38 Celtis

Quarter  #3 - Heating up the Branding Iron - After the Technical foul shot by Paul Pierce to start the 3rd Quarter we seem to be heating up the iron as we suddenly are up by 16 early. I give the Bulls credit in the this quarter as they fought very hard to bust out of the bull pen as they brought the lead down to 6 late in the quarter. Is it just me or was  Nate a MO-mentum killer twice this game?. If his shots are not falling he is creating nothing. I would rather have ESPN Sideline reporter Doris Brooke out there - wrinkles and all. Score: 72-64 at the quarter buzzer. I become worried.

Quarter #4 - Bulls Escape the Pen - by the time 8 minutes had run off the clock,  the Shamrock branding iron was frozen and appeared in danger on breaking in two. The Bench Mob? What Mob? Where is Vinnie the Microwave when you need him . Another 4th quarter 2009 fail job by the Celtics. Painful to watch and Dang that Deng!. OT once again.

Overtime Bull Ride - When it got down to crunch time, we pulled up our green cowboy boots, KG pulled his jersey aside showed us his "udder"  after tipping the ball away from ugly Bull for some reason and then we put a Shamrock on them. 

Great OT by the Big 4 and BBD. PLayer of the Game - Ray Allen

Road time now but enjoy this one. Noah enjoy that Shamrock Tat!

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