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No Country For Young Men

The Celtics were too experienced for the young OKC squad early on.  Then they almost got a little too cute for their own good.  The C's just don't know how to play with a 20 point lead yet.  With that said, they took care of business in the end for a solid win to start the road trip.
  • The Thunder couldn't buy a bucket in the first half and didn't help their cause by not moving the basketball.
  • Meanwhile, the Celtics on the other hand had 15 assists at halftime - 8 of which were from Rondo of course.  (He would finish with a mere 10)
  • The lead blossomed to 20 points before the Thunder made their 3rd quarter 13-2 run, fueled by (no surprise) Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.
  • They pulled within 6 before the C's bench actually pushed the lead back into the mid teens.
  • Then it was pretty much just a back and forth, ho-hum, keep em' at arms length distance to the end.
  • Looking down the box score, it was a very balanced effort from the bench.  Daniels, Davis, Robinson, and Erden each chipped in with 7 or more points.
  • In contrast was the Thunder's lopsided scoring, which came from Durant (34), Westbrook (16), and Kristic (13).  The rest of the team scored just 20 points combined.
  • See the OKC Thunderdome recap here.

Final - 11.7.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 28 30 15 19 92
Oklahoma City Thunder 21 16 27 19 83

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