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Glen Davis Getting Blocked Less

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You know how much Big Baby is getting charges, but another improvement in his game is getting blocked less.  Last year he led the league in getting his shot blocked.

Davis rejects that notion - The Boston Globe

He had 17.9 percent of his shots swatted away, according to the number-crunching advanced metrics website, Davis used that fact, of course, for motivation. "You’ve got to learn from that,’’ Davis said. "That’s not a good stat.’’ He looked at undersized power forwards such as Corliss Williamson, who played below the rim and excelled for 12 seasons in the league, winning a title in 2004 with the Detroit Pistons. This season, Davis’s percentage of shots blocked has dived to 5.2, while his field goal percentage has jumped from 43.7 to 49.8.

I smell a Davis for 6th man of the year post coming.