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Mike & Tommy - 30 Years Together

Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn have been broadcasting together for 30 years - as long as or longer than any other broadcast team. They are unabashedly homers and Tommy is unapologetically vocal in his displeasure with the refs. Some fans of other teams find this grating but we just find it great. Check out the following Q&A on with the duo that we love so much.

The Q&A: Thirty years of calling, and rooting, for the Celts |

They are, however, capable of thinking and reacting in tandem like an old married couple. That's why their work on Celtics telecasts on Comcast SportsNet has such a relaxed, easy feel; Gorman and Heinsohn function from the sidelines like a shooter and a rebounder in an empty gym, one feeding the other, switching off (though Gorman more often sets up Heinsohn's familiarly boisterous points).

Let's give them both a Tommy Point.

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