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Ziller: Mapping The Good Teams

Tom Ziller always has great fun with charts and graphs and this one is no exception. He decided to plot teams based on offensive and defensive efficiency and lo and behold, the best teams are the ones that score well in both. Click the link here for the graph and see below for one of the primary conclusions.

Mapping Why The Heat, Celtics, Spurs And Lakers Are NBA's Best Teams -

If you look at the graph structurally, and create tiers, you'll notice that four teams -- the Heat, Celtics, Spurs and Lakers -- stand out. Just behind them are the Mavericks, Magic and Jazz. The Hawks, who happen to be really balanced but not spectacular on either end, are begging for admission, but sadly do not belong in the club. The Bulls, Hornets and Pacers aren't far away from the second tier.

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