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Dear Doc Rivers: Please Rest Rajon Rondo

Dear Doc Rivers or whomever this may concern,

If you're keeping track of these things (and sometimes, I'm not entirely sure you are), Rajon Rondo now has injuries in both his feet, one of his ankles, and one of his hamstrings. And somehow I didn't know about about this one (or tried to wash it out of my memory), but CSNNE reports Rondo is bothered by a sore left knee, too. 

So, umm, how about a week off? And if not a week, at least a game? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with Luke Harangody on top?


Why not?

Because the Celtics need him against the Hawks? He missed the last game against Atlanta, and the Celtics won by 23 points. And the game wasn't even that close.

Because he's healthy enough to play? After spraning his ankle last night, Rondo re-entered last night's game moving like my grandfather, who's 92 years old and sits in a chair all day. Then, he (Rondo, not my grandfather) reportedly left Madison Square Garden on crutches.

Because he's too important to miss for a few games? Well, it'd be far worse if the Celtics ever lost him for an extended period of time. And after Atlanta, it's not like the C's play a murderer's row of opponents. The Pacers and Sixers are on deck.

We understand the whole "he's really, really, really tough" aspect of this, which Kevin Garnett describes: (CSNNE)

"‘Just grit, man. This is NBA basketball,’ said Boston’s Kevin Garnett, who had 20 points and 13 rebounds for his 12th double-double this season. ‘This is what it is. Either you a chump or you go home. The weak don’t survive in this (league). You have to have something in you, something special about you; you have to have that extra hmmph in you, that’s gonna make you become what you want to be in this league. And that’s what it is. He’s a no-nonsense kid. He’s going to fight until the end. Leg hurt, foot hurt, he’s dealing with multiple injuries. The kid comes out and gives everything he has every night.’"

So Rondo's a no-nonsense kid. He's going to fight until the end. He comes out and gives everything he has every night. He has that extra hmmph in him. We get it.

Now sit him. It's for the best, in the long run.

Don't give Rondo a chance to play. Don't leave it up to him. Sit him down for a pow-wow, tell him he's getting a little vacation, and make sure he gets plenty of rest. Because if it's his call, he'll play even if he still needs those crutches. 

Please, Doc (or whomever this may concern). I'm begging now. Handcuff Rondo to the bench if you have to. Or, better yet, kidnap him and force him to stay in the locker room, where he can elevate and ice his sprained ankle.

Winning regular season games is nice, but the ultimate goal is an NBA championship. Keep your eyes on the Larry O'Brien trophy. Let Rondo rest until his maladies are healed, or at least improved.


All the best and happy holidays,

Jay King and the CelticsBlog community

P.S. -- Last time we made a plea for Rondo to sit, he played 47 minutes the very next game. That's not exactly the effect we intended.

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