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Boston Protects This House As Hawks Crash And Burn

Baby love Zaza. Zaza no love the Baby.
Baby love Zaza. Zaza no love the Baby.

The game started out pretty even through the first half, with the biggest lead being 7 by the Hawks. After the half though it was all Celtics, with an absolute slaughter by the 4th quarter. Atlanta's bench was the only thing keeping them relevant through 3, but even that went away in the 4th, as Boston's D showed its self to be the dominant force that it is. Boston took home a quality win, lead by Glen Davis's 18 points and 10 rebounds.

At this point you have to really consider the notion that the Hawks just aren't a top 4 team in the East anymore. Sure, they were without their most highly paid player most talented player Joe Johnson tonight, and Jamal Crawford sitting is a big deal too, but Boston played without its best player too (Rajon Rondo), without 3 of 4 of its centers, and without its best wing substitution (Delonte). Pile that on top of playing in a back to back, and Atlanta should've been much more competitive down the stretch.

Quick hits after the jump.

Quick Hits:

-Everyone active for the Celtics tonight played in the first half, Harangody looked...okay? Avery Bradley played like a rookie in headlights...he had 1 or 2 good plays, but a ton of mistakes. Looked overwhelmed tonight.

-Jeff Teague for Atlanta also looked like a rookie tonight (despite being a 1 yr vet), coming out like gangbusters in the 2nd quarter, but ultimately failing down the stretch.

-Boston ran the ball through Paul Pierce for much of the game tonight. Maybe the notion that "Nate Robinson is not a point guard" has some validity. Pierce finished with a double double, 18 points and 10 assists despite a pretty poor shooting display.

-Semih Erden finished with 10 points in 24 minutes, which was great. The boxscore says 0 rebounds for the Turkish Delight, and that doesn't seem right, I feel like I can remember at least 1..but I don't remember too many more. That is a problem.

-Kevin Garnett had another stellar game, another double double, and played great defense which is really the story of the game. Josh Smith was held to 0-8 shooting and just 1 point, 4 rebounds.

-Glen Davis drew a flagrant 1 on what could only be described by most people as a pleasant hug on Zaza Pachulla. In other news, accusations of assault and battery are expected to be filed in the morning.

-Ray Allen had 13 points in the third. Without him Boston is probably tied or trailing walking into the 4th, but Doc really knows how to ride a hot scorer to keep a lead.

-McHale loves the Boston sausage. It doesn't look pretty, but it tastes great. His words, not mine. Seriously.

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