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Rumor: Gilbert Arenas For Vince Carter

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The Magic aren't happy with the status quo and are willing to shake things up and take a chance on adding salary (and an interesting personality).

Source: Orlando Magic in "Serious" Trade Talks, Could Announce "Major" Deal Tomorrow - Orlando Pinstriped Post

A reliable source has indicated to Orlando Pinstriped Post that the Orlando Magic could make a trade using "major pieces" as soon as tomorrow, pegging the chances of such a deal occurring at "70-to-80, almost 90 percent." This news comes shortly after Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported the Magic and Washington Wizards have moved close to a trade that would send Wizards shooting guard Gilbert Arenas to Orlando, likely in return for Vince Carter and a combination of "longer-term contracts" including backup center Marcin Gortat.

How do you think that will go?  I'm skeptical because of the money but it could be a boost to both the Magic and Gilbert.

I wonder if it will be done in time for Christmas.

Update: Curiouser and curiouser.

Source: Rashard Lewis Possibly Included in Orlando Magic Trade for Gilbert Arenas with Washington Wizards - Orlando Pinstriped Post

A source advised Orlando Pinstriped Post that combo forward Rashard Lewis, who owns the league's second-largest salary, is "being discussed" in this potential trade, with shooting guard Vince Carter also headed to the nation's capital.

I can't keep up with the updates, so see Orlando Pinstriped Post for the latest scoops and rumor updates.