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Jermaine O'Neal and Delonte West Could Be Back Soon

Some more good news regarding Jermaine O'Neal's return to the Celtics' lineup, from The Boston Herald:

Jermaine O'Neal (left knee) could be working out with the club as early as today.

"Jermaine's probably healthier now than he was when he was starting and playing earlier in the year," Ainge said. "But we're trying to get some strength back in the knee so there are not so many ups and downs through the course of the year.

We also might see Delonte West make a triumphant return to the lineup midway through January, according to

"I might be back a lot sooner than people think," he told following the Celtics-Hawks game. "I'm pushing for mid-January."

"I feel wonderful, first and foremost," he said. "I use a bone stimulator for 10 hours a day. I get this cast off in two weeks, but I've already started conditioning, shooting jumpers and working out already."

Finally, some good new on the injury front. 

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