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LA Schadenfreude: Lakers Lose 4 Straight

I like to think that ball hit him in the head.
I like to think that ball hit him in the head.

It is LeBron returns to Cleveland day, but don't let that overshadow the Lakers struggles.  If "hating" the Heat is a hobby, then hating the Lakers is a Celtics fan's career.

Lakers 99, Rockets 109: Please Commence Panicking in an Orderly Fashion - Silver Screen and Roll

And to think, this is supposed to be the easy part of the schedule. Indiana, Memphis, Houston... we assumed, not irrationally, that this stretch would be an assembly line of uncomplicated wins for the Lakers before playdates with the league's heavy hitters in late December. If that fantasy wasn't fully dispelled after last night's loss in Memphis, it certainly is now. The gold and purple fell again tonight, this time by a score of 99 to 109 to the injury-ravaged Houston Rockets. It's the fourth straight disheartening loss for the champs. I hope you'll forgive me for being the 37th person to tell you that this is the Lakers' first four-game losing streak in the Pau Gasol era.

Forum Blue And Gold " Lakers/Rockets: The Losses Continue To Pile Up

In what is becoming a common occurrence, the Lakers lost another close game on Wednesday night (even though the final score doesn’t reflect it).  This time the opponent was the Houston Rockets and the Lakers were unable to hold on to a late lead and ultimately fell 109-99 to drop their 4th straight contest.  This is now the longest Lakers’ losing streak in 4 seasons and if I was the panicking type, now would be the time that I’d start to do just that.  Since I’m not though, you’ll just have to read about how it happened…

I could try to remind you that the Heat and Lakers are too good to let these struggles continue and that they'll both (probably) be fine by the time the playoffs begin.  But what fun is that?  Enjoy this for what it is.  A rival hitting a rough spot.

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