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Quick Hitters: Perk Could Return Earlier Than Expected

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Kendrick Perkins on the mend

Perk said his return could come sooner than expected. (CSNNE)

"That late-January to early-February return that Perkins was talking about recently? He’s sounding – and looking – like a guy who may be given the green light to resume playing sooner than that. ‘I don’t know,’ Perkins said. ‘Since I got on the court, I think my (return) date probably got pushed up a bit.’ When asked if he was still looking to return next month, he said, ‘hopefully.’"

Perkins looks great. He's always been a strong, physically-imposing player. But -- to the naked eye, at least -- Perk now looks more cut-up than ever. We shouldn't be surprised that Perk's rehab seems to be progressing so well, because he has attacked rehab relentlessly.

Shaq thinking about extending his career?

Okay, so Shaq didn't give any promises. But for the first time I've heard, he contended he might play beyond next season. (Boston Herald)

"I’m on a team where I don’t have to do it all," Shaq said. "Everyone, especially around the city of Boston, knows my role. I’m not taking 28 shots anymore.

"I’ve missed 21⁄2 years’ worth of games, so even though I’ve played 18 years I’ve only played 16 years. My role is different. I’m not taking every shot. I’m playing limited minutes. So if I’m with this team and playing like this, I can probably play two or three more years. "I have two years left, but I’ll know. And everybody else will know, too, because I’ll do a hell of a (expletive) press conference."

In other Shaq news, the Big Fella was impressed by number 26's ability to take over yesterday's game. Who was number 26? Referee Bob Delaney. I see a fine in Shaq's near future.

Jermaine O'Neal suspect in return

I could write a thousand or so words about how I was unimpressed by Jermaine O'Neal last night, or how I'm so very frustrated by his inability to stay on the floor, or how his injury shouldn't keep him from making wide open layups (or catching perfect passes). 

But J.O. tells the story better than I do. (Boston Globe)

"It looked and felt like it was my first game back in almost two months."

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