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Kevin Garnett Leaves Game With Apparent Leg Injury

Latest Update: Apparently it's not a knee injury. Reports from Comcast SportsNet are indicating that it's some sort of calf injury. Doc Rivers deemed it a "muscle" injury in his post game press conference, hinted that it might not be a serious injury, but expects Garnett to miss a few games. 

Update #5: Mike Gorman just said on the telecast that there is no indication that it's a right knee injury. It's being deemed a "lower leg injury", but not necessarily a knee injury

Update #4: Adrian Wojnarowski just tweeted that Garnett will have an MRI back in Boston tomorrow. Also, here's the final part of one of Sean Grande's recent tweets: "Players indicating its not as bad as it looked." 

Update #3: A.Sherrod Blakely just tweeted that X-rays on Garnett's right knee came back negative, which means there is no type of fracture. 

Update #2: Comcast SportsNet just showed footage of Garnett heading back to the locker room after receiving X-rays, still moving under his own power. He was resting one hand on Lacerte's shoulder for some support. I suppose we should take some solace in the fact that Garnett's able to walk on his own, albeit it gingerly. 

Update #1: Greg Dickerson just reported on the telecast that Garnett's injury is being deemed a "lower right leg injury", and he is now going for X-rays. He will not return tonight.

Original news of the injury after the jump. 

Kevin Garnett left the Boston Celtics' game against the Detroit Pistons late in the first quarter after coming up limping following a slam dunk off of a Ray Allen feed.

With 2:39 to play in the opening quarter, Allen fed Garnett down low who soared in for a two-handed dunk and came up limping immediately after he landed. After barely making it to half court, he fouled Tayshaun Prince intentionally and sank to the floor on all fours. He made his way to the bench under his own power, where head trainer Ed Lacerte appeared to begin examining Garnett's right knee - the same knee he injured back in 2009. 

Garnett walked off the court back to the locker room under his own power, but CSNNE's Greg Dickerson mentioned on the broadcast that once Garnett got just outside of the locker room he bent down and grabbed the knee again in obvious pain.

Replays made it appear as if Garnett bothered his right leg while taking off for the hoop, as opposed to something happening when he landed, such as stepping on another player's foot. Additional replays appeared to show Garnett's right knee buckling slightly as he was about to take off for the dunk. 

I'll keep you posted as I learn more...

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