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Danny Ainge Comments on Garnett's Injury

A. Sherrod Blakely of spoke with Danny Ainge earlier, who reiterated that Kevin Garnett did not injure (or re-injure) his right knee last night. 

"Everything that I have been told," Ainge told, "it has to do with the muscle and not the knee, which is a good thing, obviously."

Ainge said he was watching the game when Garnett suffered the injury while going up for an uncontested dunk in the first quarter.

Moments later, Ainge was on the phone talking to the C's medical staff at the game.

Also, according to the same report, the Celtics' medical staff did not feel as though an MRI was absolutely necessary for Garnett today, but they went ahead with it for precautionary reasons after Garnett was the one who initially suggested it. 

Also, Cedric Maxwell, guest hosting on WEEI this afternoon, spoke with Garnett on the team bus last night after the game. Garnett told him that he felt a burning sensation in his calf, which also reinforces the notion that the injury is unrelated to Garnett's knee. Maxwell noted that Garnett might have pulled his calf muscle. It is possible to pull the calf muscle off of the bone, but Maxwell said he asked head trainer Ed Lacerte about that, and Lacerte said he did not think Garnett did that. 

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