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Delonte West Recuperating

The Globe has an update on Delonte West.

Recuperating West expects to play this year - The Boston Globe

West, with his arm in a sling, said he is looking forward to his recovery and will have his cast removed in two weeks. He expects to play again this season.

Perhaps I'm not understanding broken wrists, but that strikes me as an odd sentence.  First of all, I'm not used to casts coming off in 2 weeks.  Doesn't it take 6 weeks for most bones to heal?  Secondly, I wasn't aware that the season was even in question.  I thought he'd be back in a couple months at the most.  I guess I shouldn't have slept through science in high school.  Feel free to educate me (and the rest of us) in the comments.

Here's a positive note:

Because the injury is to his non-shooting hand, West said he will take jumpers and work on other drills to maintain his conditioning. He worked tirelessly during training camp and the suspension to stay sharp.

"That's what I have to do,'' he said. "I can't hang my head and cry about it, it happened. It's over. It's on to the next mission.''

Really happy to hear that he's taking the right attitude about it.  Staying focused on the task at hand and staying active and in the gym would seem like the best things for him right now.

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