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Jermaine O'Neal Continues to Make Progress

While we haven't heard much about Shaquille O'Neal's sore right calf, which caused him to miss the second half of the Celtics' convincing victory over the New Jersey Nets on Sunday (not that the team really needed him), there is some good news pertaining to the other O'Neal - Jermaine.

From ESPN Boston:

Celtics center Jermaine O'Neal will resume individual on-court workouts Monday with hopes of returning to full-team sessions next week, but he did not establish a timetable for returning to game action after sitting out the past month with lingering left knee soreness.

In returning to on-court activities, O'Neal is taking his biggest step forward since shutting himself down and, should all go well this week, expects to be cleared by Boston's medical staff to engage in full-team exercises.

Just to clarify, in that excerpt from Chris Forsberg's piece, Monday meant yesterday. Jermaine's certainly had his fair share of setbacks all season, but his return should help to bolster the interior defense of the team's second unit (assuming Shaq's healthy enough to start).

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