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Digging Deep for a Win

Man, I thought last night's game was an ugly game. The Celtics were slow and looked tired to start this game and Philly took full advantage the entire night. They got 15 offensive rebounds and ran for 22 transition points. A lot of those were in the first quarter in which they scored 32 points.

The Celtics woke up in the second quarter and pulled even, and the game was a see saw affair from there all the way to the end. The C's and the Sixers traded huge baskets and the lead until finally KG's huge lay in with 1 second left game the C's the win at 102-101.

The Celtics clearly were feeling the effects of playing last night and flying to Philly. But they hung in there and gave the Sixers their first home loss in 6 games.


  • Paul Pierce had an off night offensively but he mostly held Iggy in check on the defensive end. The Captain contributed on the glass for 8 rebounds, a team high tonight. His biggest impact was as a decoy on the game winning play.
  • Ray Allen was the C's rock tonight, he scored repeated on drives to the hoop, from the three point line, and from the free throw line. 23 points on 7-10 shooting with a perfect 7-7 from the free throw line.
  • KG's game winning play was beautiful, as were his three blocks.
  • Jodi Meeks reminds me of Eddie House, he doesn't do much other than shoot but he does that very well
  • Elton Brand is awful defensively, he's only slightly more mobile than Shaq. He wouldn't show on any of KG's jump shots and frequently gave up lay ups rather than rotate to protect the cup. Despite that he hit the glass hard and was a big reason the Sixers stayed close by getting his team extra possessions
  • Andre Iguodala needs to get moved to a better team where he can shine as an elite second/third option. He reminds me a lot of Lamar Odom in that way.
  • The Celtics really missed Shaq tonight, if he plays his usual 20 minutes I think the 76ers would have 5 less offensive rebounds.

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