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Capital Gains

The Celtics picked themselves up and took care of business against the Wizards.

  • Rondo, please stop throwing the lob to KG until he starts jumping higher.  Thanks.
  • Another solid game from Tony Allen.  Time to start saying.  This has been a good season for Tony.
  • Solid game for Sheed too.  14 points (6-6 from the line)
  • Nice to see Ray get back on track with 17.
  • 17 points, 12 dimes for Rondo.  Ho hum.  (Love that he's become so much more consistent)
  • Garnett missed one shot tonight.  One.  The shots were just falling.
  • C's won the rebounding battle tonight, but I still feel like the shot goes up and too many of them are standing around watching the ball with their hands by their sides.  Box out!  Put your butt on somebody. (sorry, just channeling my varsity coach there)
Nice to get the W.  It is just the Wizards, so no big deal, but give the guys some credit for playing well on the 2nd of a back to back.

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