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Rumors Updates

Sam Amick (an excellent beat writer for the Kingsreports that an Allen for Martin deal is unlikely:

Boston is legitimately interested in Martin, but that scenario doesn't look likely to go anywhere at the moment. A source close to the Celtics said they have not spoken to the Kings, but the two teams will likely talk soon.

If the Kings were to accept a deal giving them Ray Allen and sending the Celtics Martin and Andres Nocioni, the deal could very well get done. I don't see Petrie doing that, however. That move would free up approximately $17 million off the Kings' cap this summer and free up Martin's money that runs through 2013 and Nocioni's through 2012. It doesn't bring back talent beyond this season, obviously, as Allen's contract is expiring.

Despite the Kings' hopes of landing an impact big man, don't expect Celtics GM Danny Ainge to give up center Kendrick Perkins (or point guard Rajon Rondo, for that matter, if I even needed to verbalize that part).

Update/Note: Gabe Kahn informs me that a Celtics scout was at the Kings game last night (where Martin scored 9 of his 17 points in overtime).  It should be noted, however, that the Celtics play the Kings on Tuesday, so this could simply be advance scouts.

Update 2: Another report that the Kings aren't interested in trading Martin (but what else are they going to say?).

Gary Washburn also checks in with some rumor reports, and covers much of the same ground.  See example after the break.

A possible trade partner could be Sacramento, with shooting guard Kevin Martin, who is signed for three more years as part of a five-year, $55 million package. Martin has been an awkward fit for the Kings since the emergence of rookie Tyreke Evans. It is unclear whether Martin can mesh with a score-first point guard such as Evans.

But acquiring Martin might be contingent on accepting the contract of Andres Nocioni, who has two more years on his deal. According to Celtics sources, the organization is not interested in taking on "bad contracts'' that could hurt salary cap space.

Also, the Kings are seeking a legitimate center to play alongside cornerstone Jason Thompson and aren't eager to deal Martin if they can't get one in return.

As usual, stay tuned for updates.  Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

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