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More Chicago Trade Chatter

There still haven't been any actual rumors connecting the Celtics to Iguodala and the Kevin Martin rumors seem to have been stamped down a bit.  But the connection between Boston and Chicago is still buzzing in the background.  Perhaps this is just regurgitation of the same old rumors, but some links to think on.

Chicago Bulls trade talk to heat up

The Bulls are involved in too many scenarios not to make one. Thomas and Salmons are available to any taker and Hinrich continues to draw interest, albeit for the aforementioned non-descript, expiring contract players like the Celtics' Brian Scalabrine and Tony Allen. The Bulls have made it clear to all teams they will not take on extra money in a trade. They also have made it clear they want to move a long-term deal to ensure having enough salary-cap space to offer a maximum free-agent contract this summer.

Would I take someone off the Bulls roster for Scal and Tony?  You bet.  I have a feeling that Danny has a standing offer out to a number of teams that includes those two (and maybe Giddens).  Those teams are looking to see if they can get anything better and are using that offer as a fallback option.  But what if the Bulls wanted to up the ante?

Post-Ups: All-Star Edition -

In addition to peddling Kirk Hinrich, sources say the Bulls also are exploring interest in Luol Deng, who has four years and $51 million left after this season. Trading both of them – or packaging one of them with Thomas – would provide Chicago with enough cap space to score two max free agents this coming summer, effectively placing them on equal footing with the Heat in the 2010 chase.

Would we be willing to part with Ray for Deng?  That's another name that would give me pause.  Especially if he was paired with Thomas and/or Hinrich.

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