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Ainge Denies Rumors

Believe what you want, but keep in mind it is rumor season. Everyone lies.

Ainge: 'No deals' - Celtics Blog -

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Friday he has not discussed trades involving the Charlotte Bobcats or Washington Wizards. "There is no truth to either one of those," Ainge said. "I have had conversations with a lot of teams but those have never been discussed. There are a lot of things I would like to do but I don't feel a need to do something. I am always looking to upgrade the team, if possible."

Multiple sources shoot down Allen-to-Wizards rumor

Multiple league sources on Friday said the two sides have had no discussions about this trade, or any trade for that matter.

It's no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers have coveted Jamison for quite some time.

One league source indicated that this story was in all likelihood planted by someone looking for the Cavs to intensify their efforts at landing the 6-foot-9 forward. This would solidify their efforts towards an NBA title, in addition to pleasing LeBron James who as we know, can bolt from Cleveland this summer when he becomes a free agent.

Update: Mike Jones reports that

League source confirms Wizards, Celts engaged in trade talks. BOS interest in Jamison, Butler. Wiz in R. Allen. Other pieces being discussed

Get ready for more denials and confirmations. Everyone lies, except when they don't.

Update 2: In a report mostly about the talks between the Mavs and Wizards, there's this bit at the end (via Marc Stein):

Although one source warned Friday that it would be a mistake "to sleep on that one," another source close to the situation insisted to that a Boston-Washington swap looks "very doubtful" because of the considerable long-term expense Boston would be taking on -- for players who play the same positions as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett -- and because of Washington's reluctance to part with Jamison.

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