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Let's Just Enjoy All-Star Weekend

Let's cut to the chase: We all know how bleak things have looked around here lately, and at this point, it's nearly impossible to predict what this team will look like, play like, and compete like after the All-Star break. For all we know, the roster that showed up in New Orleans for Wednesday's tilt with the Hornets might not even be the roster we see when the C's take the floor against Sacramento on February 16. 

In spite of all the uncertainties clouding the future of this team right now, I implore each and every one of you to do one thing: Just sit back and enjoy All-Star weekend. As much as the players and coaches might need this break to heal up or gather themselves to regroup for the last 32 games, the fans might need it the most. 

We can't be sure what's going to happen with this team regarding things like roster moves, but here's what we do know:

Rajon Rondo is making his first All-Star appearance while also taking part in the H-O-R-S-E competition tonight. Kevin Garnett might possibly be making his last All-Star appearance. And Paul Pierce is set to make it rain in the three-point shootout (he should totally wear the warm-up jacket, ala Larry Legend in '86) tonight, while also participating in the game on Sunday. The Celtics have some nice representation, and they seem to legitimately enjoy their time at these things, so let's all enjoy watching them enjoy their time with their fellow superstars. 

And besides the Celtics' involvement, there are plenty of other things to look out for: LeBron and Dwight Howard might host another dance-off. Shannon Brown (despite his Laker status) and Gerald Wallace could do some exciting things in the dunk contest. You can see your favorite out-of-market players unleash their offense in a defense-free game. George Karl is coaching the West (I bet he'll wear a Carmelo All-Star jersey instead of a suit jacket). The venue, Cowboys Stadium, is ridiculous. And (perhaps best of all), we don't have to watch Kobe play!

It will do you no good to meddle over thoughts of the Celtics' recent third quarter collapses over the next four days. In fact, it might very well drive you crazy. The season is put on pause for a reason, so that everyone who dedicates a respectable amount of their time to this league can unwind before gearing up for the stretch run. We should take advantage of such an opportunity. Since we have no idea what's going to happen post All-Star break, there's no sense in worrying about it right now. We'll cross that bridge when we need to. 

And for those of you who hate All-Star weekend and all that it stands for, find another way to get away from the C's for a few days. 

If anything happens trade-wise or in any other respect, we here at CelticsBlog will be sure to let you know. We'll of course be writing about all that we see and hear, but until anything truly significant happens, just enjoy the weekend.

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