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Rondo Works the Media

Rajon Rondo's full of surprises, even when he's not on the basketball court. Via the Herald: 

The inquisitor was loving the deep repartee. He asked if Rondo could see an analogy between how he approaches the game and his music as far as the creative aspects.

"Yea and nay," said Rondo, his face still unchanged. "Music is something I've been doing my entire life. You know, basketball I've been playing since I was probably maybe 15 or 16."

He was asked about his philosophy for overcoming adversity and he said, "Staying positive and eventually things will turn around for me. You know, it took me like six years to release my album, so I'm finally excited about doing that."

The man thanked Rondo and left. Only after a couple of media types more familiar with Rondo's sense of humor laughed did he offer a slight grin. The poor guy, he was told, would soon be looking for that CD.

That poor guy didn't stand a chance. Rondo will be participating in the H-O-R-S-E contest tonight at 7:00pm on TNT. Afterwards, stay tuned for Paul Pierce in the three-point shootout. 

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