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Paul Pierce Wins Three-Point Shootout

Update #12: Paul Pierce BURIED 20 shots in the final round, hitting ALL FIVE money balls, and is the winner of the 2010 Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout.

This honestly feels great. I wanted Pierce to win so bad. Pierce is the first Celtic since Larry Legend to win the three-point shootout. Is a win in the three-point shootout enough to get your team back on track? It sure would be nice if this somehow, in some crazy way, translated back onto the court. Either way, it was a heck of a competition and Pierce absolutely brought it. You could tell he wanted to win this, as evidenced by his primal scream once he got to the center rack during the second round. 

The Truth could not be handled tonight. That was awesome. 

Updates 1-11 after the break.

Also, check out this video, courtesy of's YouTube channel:


Paul Pierce is up first...Here we go. 

Update #1: Pierce got hot late and finished with 17 in his first round. The last three racks were really where Pierce made up ground for some early struggles. Pierce made sure he hit the money balls. Those will be so important throughout this competition. 

Update #2: Chauncey Billups can't eclipse Pierce's 17. The two are tied after their first rounds. 

Update #3: After a hot start, Stephen Curry cools off late and finishes with 18 in his first round. 

Random Update: Is anyone else nervous a little nervous/anxious watching this? I just really want Paul to win this thing.

Update #4: Danilo Gallinari puts up a valiant effort, but finishes with only 15 in his first round. So far, Pierce is safe...

Update #5: Channing Frye ties Gallinari with 15. So far, so good for Pierce. 

Update #6: Defending champion Daequan Cook ties Gallinari and Frye with 15. 

Update #7: I thought the top three make it into the final round, but the announcers are saying Pierce and Billups will have to duke it out in a separate shootout just to make it into the finals...Not sure I believe that, but we'll see what happens after the commercial break. 

Update #8: Here's where we stand after the first round:

Pierce: 17

Billups: 17

Curry: 18

Gallinari, Frye, and Cook: 15

I thought the top three automatically made it to the final round, meaning we should be seeing a Pierce, Billups, and Curry finale, but the announcers are saying Pierce and Billups will have to compete in a separate shootout for the right to face Curry in the finals. Not sure I believe that, but we'll see what happens when these commercials end...


Update #9: Pierce KILLS IT with 20. That's what I'm talkin' about. He hit ALL FIVE money balls. I told you they'd matter. Let's go...

Update #10: Chauncey Billups only hits 14 in his final round. Pierce has the lead! Bring it, Curry. 

Update #11: Curry only gets 17. Pierce wins! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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