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Daily Links 2/14

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Herald   Celtics deal with Plan B
Paul Pierce redeems self, wins 3-point contest
Foes won’t sell off Celtics
Here, Truth doesn’t hurt
Rajon Rondo hot to trot
Cameras, analysts converge upon Dallas for All-Star game
Former NBA player banned after steroid test
NBA All-Star Rosters
Nate Robinson dunks great yet again
Globe   Pierce relishes in 3-point victory
Unfazed in next phase
Pierce: I want 3-Point Shootout redemption
Celtics’ Pierce wins 3-point contest

CelticsBlog    Celtics Stuff Live: All Star Pregame Show
Paul Pierce Wins Three-Point Shootout

Danny Coming Up Empty So Far
Celtics Green   Fork In The Road?
Not Sitting Out Not Sitting Well  Clutch shooting in finals leads Pierce to Three-Point win
Red's Army      Are there too many "Pink Hat" fans at the Garden?
The Truth for 3!!!!
Red's Army does All Star Weekend - Presented by T-Mobile - Skills & Snoop
CSN-NE   Holley: Celts think they can't win without a trade
Celtics Talk: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett
Pierce wins 3-point contest
Rondo loses to Durant in HORSE competition
Celtics Hub   So…About Antawn Jamison…
Top 5 Celtic All-Star Weekend Moments
Sunday Trade Update Notebook: The Cavs are All-In, Ray is Still Here, the Back-up PG Remains in Play
NESN   Report: Celtics Discussed Trade For Washington's Caron Butler
Glen Davis, P.J. Brown Join Saints’ Super Bowl Celebration in New Orleans
Three-Point Champion Paul Pierce Has No Injury Worries
Telegram    NBA: Once prime time, C’s now past their prime
North Station Sports    It was a pleasant fiction: Butler on his way to Dallas
Celtics Late Night Show: Tonight at 11 pm with Special Guest
Celtics Town   Highlight Reel of the Day: Death of the Dunk Contest
Hardwood Houdini     Kevin Durant Nudges Rondo In 3-Point Shootout.. I Mean HORSE
Paul Pierce Gets Redemption and Wins 3-Point Competition
Rajon Rondo For Three – Daily Poll
Calling All Fans, Bloggers, Sponsors, and Media!
Lex Nihil Novi    Lakers v. Celtics: It's More than Bird v. Magic
CelticsLife     Dunk the Dunk Contest Already
A Look at PER Compared to Salary for 2010 All-Stars
A steal of a deal
Celt More video from All-Star Saturday
Paul "Moneyball" Pierce Wins 3-Point Shootout
ESPN     All-Star Saturday Night: Pierce wins 3-point shootout
On the Money
Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce backs up 3-point trash talk
Why All-Star Game is good barometer of game's health
Sources: Cleveland Cavaliers inching closer to deal for Amare Stoudemire
Saturday's practice report
Butler to Mavs; C's were interested
All-Star Saturday Night: HORSE
Party patrol at NBA All-Star Weekend
Celtics 17   Dallas gets stronger.
Washington Post    Michael Wilbon - Lakers-Cavaliers are a likely match for NBA Finals
Dallas News   Foot Locker 3-Point Shootout: Boston's Pierce crowned
Concord Monitor    Celtics need a fix, be it quick or otherwise
Star Telegram   Someday Dirk Nowitzki will know it takes two to win NBA title
Sporting News    NBA east conference 1st half review
Dimemag   Nate Dogg Does It Again
Yahoo    Celtics want young talent for Allen
Howard not happy with Shaq
Celtics Stuff Live  Celtics Stuff Live: All Star Pregame Show
Morning Journal    NBA INSIDER: Stoudemire could be a Cavalier before long
WEEI    Pierce was on a three-point mission
Basketball Bettin    The NBA’s Top 10 Teams, and Their Biggest Weaknesses
Quincy Cove   Boston Celtic’s Paul Pierce Shows Dominance in Three Point Compitition
LA Times   Celtics are at a crossroads
CT News    Caron Butler and Brendon Haywood Traded To Mavericks
MetroWest Daily News    Courtside View: Time for Celtics to try plan B?
Sports Jabber    Paul Pierce Brings Back Memory of Larry Bird in 3-Point Shootout
Hoops Addict     In The Scrum With Paul Pierce – All-Star Edition
NBA Today    Nate Seals Dunking Fate, Durant Repeats in OT H.O.R.S.E. Thriller
Washington Post    - Lakers-Cavaliers are a likely match for NBA Finals
Oregon Live   NBA All-Star Weekend: Al Horford says Rasheed Wallace is a budding comedian
Enterprise   Celtics’ Rondo has grown into an NBA All-Star
Bleacher Report    NBA Trade Rumors: Top Five Realistic Trades For Tyrus Thomas
NBA Trade Deadline Proposition: A Deal That Must Be Made
Newsday   Union: NBA tears up proposal after heated meeting
Waiting for Next Year    Amare Stoudemire To Cleveland Rumor Makes More Sense Now Than Ever
How to Watch Sports    Decimated: How the Cavaliers and Blazers Are Dealing With Injuries
Dueling Couches  What I Think About The Celtics Rumors
Le Basketbawl    Rondo Says Celtics Not The Same Team This Season!

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