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T-Mobile Player Of The Week: Paul Pierce

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With little to cheer for in the actual games last week, this honor has to go to the man who helped us forget about the team's struggles if only for one night.  Paul Pierce certainly never lacks in confidence.

Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce backs up 3-point trash talk - ESPN Boston

His bravado took center stage as he accepted the champion's trophy at midcourt. In an interview broadcast on television and throughout the arena, Pierce suggested he was one of the best shooters in NBA history, drawing an audible groan from the crowd. But he didn't back down from the statement. "I would say I'm one of the best -- I've always said this and I tell this to the guys on my team," said Pierce. "I've always been known as a pure scorer, and I've always said if I just sat outside and shot 3s, and just really focused on that -- coming off of screens and spot-up 3s -- and shot six or seven 3s a game, I would probably be more known as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. "I take the opportunity 3s and I think I'm one of the better shooters. I've proved that this year with my percentage and the way I'm shooting the ball," he said.

You tell 'em Paul.  Keep shooting.

For more coverage of the All Star weekend (provided by T-Mobile), check out SBNation's recap:

Larger Than Life: Rating The Sights And Sounds From NBA All-Star Weekend - SB Nation

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