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Standing Pat?

Here are a few rumor updates this morning from the Herald's Mark Murphy.

General manager Danny Ainge declined comment on any trade discussions with other teams, but league sources said the Celts still are working the phones, with their primary goal to land a backup point guard - especially one who can defend.

Chicago's Kirk Hinrich, who's due to make an average of $9 million per year through the 2011-12 season, and Charlotte's D.J. Augustin, who has one year left on his rookie contract (with a team option for 2011-12), remain possibilities.

Not sure why Augustin keeps getting mentioned as a guy that can defend. That's not really his reputation. But whatever.

The team also hopes the recent return of Marquis Daniels, combined with Tony Allen's emergence as one of the best defenders in the rotation, will help solve the problem. Daniels' presence also will enable House to move off the ball and into the role that suits him best - catching and shooting.

With that in mind, Ainge isn't in a hurry to make a risky deal.

That's why the Celtics deemed Washington forward Antawn Jamison, who has two years and approximately $30 million left on his contract, too old and expensive.

If true, so much for my Plan B idea from yesterday.

The article goes on to reiterate that Doc offered Glen Davis to Larry Brown for Augustin and Brown countered by asking for Rasheed Wallace. "The conversation ended there," says Murphy. He also reports that Ainge told Glen's camp that he wouldn't be traded.

And for now, that stance finds the Celtics strictly in window shopping mode, though that easily could change by the trade deadline Thursday.

Should the rival Cavs land Stoudemire from Phoenix, though, it won't set off an alarm in the C's front office, according to the source.

"I don't think it would give them more urgency than they already have," the source said.

So it sounds like there's still a chance that the Celtics could very well stand pat. Thoughts?

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