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In case you have been too distracted by trade talk to remember that the Celtics actually have to play some games this week, I'll remind you that there's a game tonight.  The team has had 5 much needed days off and they need to look at this as a turning point in their year.

Here's my quick analogy.  The Celtics are like a high speed computer (PC) that is a couple years old.  We know that they are capable of fantastic things because we've seen it.  However, bugs, viruses, and slow loading programs have slowed things up a bit and the thing just keeps crashing over the last few weeks.  We think we've gotten all the viruses out and the last few days has been the equivalent of running the disk cleanup program.  Now we are ready to reboot and cross our fingers, hoping that it is enough.

If it isn't, we should know pretty quickly.  We play the Kings tonight and as fans, we'll be watching to see if they can bounce back to the team we know and love or if they are still going to be struggling to find identity and direction.

I'll point out the obvious here.  The Kings happen to be one of the teams that Danny has reportedly been in contact with about a potential blockbuster trade.  The respective GMs might take this opportunity to have some quality face time with each other.  If Danny can convince them to part with Kevin Martin, that would qualify as a software upgrade or perhaps even an operating system upgrade.  (I know, the analogy is wearing thin at this point) 

Any major trade would certainly shake things up.  Perhaps a minor tweak would do the trick as well.  Or maybe, just maybe, the team has what it takes already.  I have said before, and I still believe, that most of this team's problems are mental.  But how to overcome those mental issues is the quandary that I don't have an answer to.  Here's hoping that the All Star break reboot is enough to get things working smoothly again.  Here's hoping this hardware has at least another 4 months or so of optimal performance left in it.

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