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Rumor: Nate Robinson to Boston?

From Mark Murphy at the Boston Herald:

A league source, as well as a Knicks source, said today that there is interest in a trade that would send New York guard Nate Robinson to the Celtics. The Celtics have narrowed their positional need to a backup point guard who can defend the position. They have until Thursday’s trade deadline to fill that need.

The Knicks, who are trying to slash their payroll for this summer’s free agent market, are only interested in players with expiring contracts. The Celtics have three players who would match up to Robinson: Eddie House ($2.8 million), Brian Scalabrine ($3.4 million) and Tony Allen ($2.5 million).

That would certainly not fall under a blockbuster deal, but one that would add a spark to this team. The Celtics keep their core talent, and add that backup point guard they desperately need, as well as someone who is a proven scorer.

Another interesting note from Murphy:

A league source said any interest the Celtics had in Sacramento forward Kevin Martin expired. A second source said that while the Celtics have continued interest in Chicago’s Kirk Hinrich, the sides aren’t close on a deal.

So it looks as if the Martin/Nocioni deal is no longer an option. Also, if the two sides aren't even close on a deal for Hinrich, the Bulls must be asking for too much. If that is the case, it isn't worth the time.

Maybe Ainge realizes he can't get enough long term talent for Ray, so he is going to short term route and keeping Ray.

Ah, trade deadline week... round and round we go!

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