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Essential Trade Deadline Links

If you are a fan of the trade deadline you'll obviously be here all day, hitting refresh and waiting with bated breath for any of the latest trade rumors.  But if you are extra eager, you can't settle for just that.  You need more places to find the latest new.  You already know about Hoopshype and various message boards, but you need something else.  Well, here are some links to help you on your way.

Now you can also help us out.  If you see a big trade rumor or breaking news, let us know about it!  Maybe we haven't heard it yet.  You can either drop us a note in the comments or you can go the extra mile and post a FanShot or FanPost about it.  If you do that, your post might just show up on the front page and you'll get the adoration of thousands. You'll be famous and surely riches will follow soon after that.  All your dreams will come true, just because you wanted to share the latest rumor with us.

FYI: The deadline is tomorrow at 3PM but the day before the deadline is always eventful.  Enjoy the day folks.

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