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Nate To Boston "Done" ...Or Not

Alan Hahn is reporting that Nate Robinson to Boston is a done deal.  Details as they become available.

See updates below - Looks like Hahn jumped the gun.

I'll wait to see who and what we are giving up to give my detailed reaction.  For now my reaction is this:  Is that it?

The good news: He can score in bunches off the bench, giving us much needed offense for the 2nd unit.

The bad news: He's not known for defense and he's not a great distributor.  I pretty much agree with what Tom Ziller writes here.

After hearing names like Kevin Martin, Andre Iguodala, and even Kirk Hinrich tossed around for the last few weeks, I have to wonder if this is all we're going to get and if it will be enough to make any kind of difference.

Update: Wojo tweets:

Knicks and Celtics still talking on Nate Robinson-Eddie House, three sources say, but may not be a deal until tomorrow.

"D'Antoni wants House, and (Boston) really wants Nate, so everyone is motivated here," one source told Y! Sports.

Update 2: Alan Hahn clarifies

Nate trade not "official" but done - and @WojYahooNBA says may not finalize until tomorrow - but sounds like it is House/2nd Rnd pick.


OK, I'm done with the attempt of the up-to-the-minute game here. Being corrected on info regarding House/2nd Rounder. Stay tuned.


Let's start over. Source says Nate-to-Celtics is "close" but no specifics yet can be confirmed. Everyone gets a free punch to my #P90X abs.

I guess Alan Hahn jumped the gun a bit on that.

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