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Celtics Beat LA (Without Kobe)

Every win against the Lakers is a good win.  I mean, the Lakers didn't have Kobe, but we didn't have House, Giddens, or Walker, so that's pretty much a wash right?
  • Ray was playing free and easy tonight.  Nice to see that hot hand again.
  • Sheed was the opposite tonight.  He couldn't hit the water falling off of Wyc's yacht.
  • Another game of runs.  C's up early, LA makes a run, lather, rinse, repeat.
  • We've been told KG would have good days and bad days.  This was one of the good ones.  He looked almost spry out there.  Skied for a clutch rebound at the end.  Great to see.
  • Pierce hurt his thumb and Tony Allen left the game with a strained knee (I think - going on memory)
  • Marquis was pretty invisible for much of the game and turned in a pretty sad stat line
  • Still love watching Rondo play.  He's got a creative flare to his passes that is (dare I say it?) reminiscent of Magic.
  • Can't leave out Perkins.  14 big rebounds against a huge frontline.
  • Kinda chipy at times.  You can tell there's some tension between these two teams.  I like that.
Not the prettiest win, but we'll take it.  Keep the momentum going.

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