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Deadline Leftovers

We heard that Danny was busy looking into a lot of deals.  Here are a few names that didn't come up in specific rumors before hand (but that you could guess he was at least looking into).

Score one for Celtics -

Using Ray Allen and his expiring max contract as the lure, they looked into dealing for a wide array of stars, including Amare Stoudemire (Phoenix), Carlos Boozer (Utah), Michael Beasley (Miami), Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia), Monta Ellis (Golden State) and Caron Butler (Washington before being traded to Dallas).

That is quite a list.  But woulda-coulda-shoulda doesn't matter now.  We got Nate and that's it.

One knock on Robinson has been that he doesn't play defense very well.  Ainge is doing his best to dispel that notion.

"I think Nate is a terrific defender in his way," Ainge said. "He's very feisty. He can pressure the ball.

"I know he hasn't done that in New York this year and last. But he did that in the time before that."

Doc seems optimistic as well.  (What would you expect him to say?)

Trade should get Celtics moving - The Boston Globe

Because of his diminutive frame, Robinson had developed a Napoleon complex and occasionally relished in making the spectacular play in lieu of the smart play. That is what infuriated his previous coaches, but D’Antoni was more irritated by Robinson’s showboating, such as slapping hands with Will Ferrell after a play. "I want him to be free and I want him to be aggressive,’’ Rivers said. "That’s when he’s at his best, so there’s no reason for me to try to screw that up. "I do know he’s competitive, and hopefully that comes out. I can’t wait to get him and to get to work with him. I want him looking at the basket, I don’t want him thinking about the X2Z play. I want him to look at the rim, and that’s why we’re bringing him in here.’’

As for me, while I'm not as excited about the trade as some might be, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do in a Boston uniform.  He's a Celtic now and I will be looking for the best out of him in this winning environment.

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