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Daily Links 2/19

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Herald   Celtics get back at Lakers
Players miss Eddie House, welcome Nate Robinson
Score one for Celtics
Doc Rivers likes what he’s heard so far
Kobe Bryant laments lack of Finals rematch
Addition of Antawn Jamison gives Cavaliers more hope for a parade
Scouting report: Celtics at Blazers
Lakers, Celtics revive a rivalry, old school
Pick the King or Kobe? We’ll take LeBron
Teams on money with big moves
Garnett looking better
Globe    Tony Allen out with strained tendon in right ankle
Analysis of Celtics-Lakers
Rasheed Wallace critical of technical for pushing Gasol
Trade should get Celtics moving
Robinson comes over from the Knicks
Celtics beat Kobe-less LA

CelticsBlog    Trade "Losers"
Celtics Beat LA (Without Kobe)
Deadline Leftovers
Celtics Green    Comments from the Other Side - Lakers 2/18
Red's Army   Nate will join the Celtics Friday
Celtics Survive in LA
Your Morning Dump... Where Doc wants to threaten Ray all the time
Giddens: The shamrock tattoo stays
Doc and Phil Jackson agree: The 30-day rule is a joke
Why go away from Rondo in crunch time?
What Danny should have done: Make a trade, STAT?!?!
Celtics Hub   A Basketball Trade? In 2010? Is it Enough?
Turning Point? C’s 87, Lakers 86
Farewell, Eddie
North Station Sports   Defeat At The Deadline: Why I Hate Nate
Ray Allen Takes Celebatory Bath in Blood and Afterbirth as Heinous Celtics Slip Past Lakers, 87-86
Celtics Town   Rajon Rondo unhappy with trading Eddie House?
Boston beats LA Lakers, 87-86
Celtics reactions to Nate Robinson

Pau Gasol at the top of Sheed’s ‘dislike list’
Tony Allen injury leaves C’s shorthanded
Hardwood Houdini  
Is Ray Allen Turning The Corner? – Daily Poll
Celtics Return The Favor With 87-86 Victory Over Lakers
Secret Success to Celtics / Lakers Game – Kendrick Perkins
Celtics Showed The Defense Last Night Of 07-08s Blog
Lex Nihil Novi     Smiles on My Face
Relief from Trade Rumors may Give Team a Boost
Doc Plans to Play Rondo and Nate Together . . . for Defensive Purposes
Ainge Still has Holes to Fill
Doc to Nate: Go to the Rim, Young Man Doc to Nate: Go to the Rim, Young Man
Snarl, not Smack, Should be the Watchword
Rivers to Celtics Doubters: If you Jumped Off the Bandwagon, Stay Off
Tony Allen Doubtful for Tonight
Short-handed Celtics Travel to Portland
CelticsLife    What the Hell Happened to...Alaa Abdelnaby?
Celtics/Lakers Post Game Videos
Celts Hang On to Whistlin Phil's Chagrin
The "New" Bench
ESPN    With TA injured, C's seek rush delivery on Robinson
Nate is enough?
Boston Celtics finally get signature win by beating Los Angeles Lakers
Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers criticize CCavs' deal for Jamison
Nate Robinson should help, but the Boston Celtics still have issues
Celtics 17    The Arrival of Heroes: Where I Don't Care That Kobe Didn't Play
NESN    Live Blog: Celtics at Lakers
Celtics Hunting for Third Straight West Coast Win
Marcus Landry, Despite Limited Experience, Could Help Celtics
Celtics Hold Off Late Lakers Run, Escape With 87-86 Win
Still a Celtic, Ray Allen Dually Effective in Victory Over L.A.
ProJo    No major move for Celtics, who hope Robinson can improve depth at the point
Off the Dribble     Knicks’ Magic Number Is Smaller but More Magical    KNICKS: D'Antoni Reunites With House in Trade With Celtics
Despite injuries, fires still burns for Garnett
Metro    With deadline gone, a shame to keep Ray?
South Coast Today   Celtics: Danny Ainge shuns Robinson-Marbury comparison
Bleacher Report     Bracing for Summer 2010: Grading Nine NBA Deadline Deals
LA Times    Lakers suffer big chill at end in loss to Celtics
Another night in the Lakers-Celtics rivalry
No Lakers trades for sure, still unlikely for Kobe tonight
NY Tines   Celtics Pick Up Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson
OC Register   Best player wasn't on the court
Hoop Doctors    Nate Robinson Is Heading to Boston
CBS Sports   Celtics-Trail Blazers Preview
Green Street    Fast Break: Celtics vs. Lakers
Giddens reacts to trade
Meet Marcus Landry
McHale on D&H: Celtics still have chance
Pro Basketball Talk    Rivers, Jackson don't want Big Z back with Cavaliers
Sports Pundit    Celtics Need Marquis Daniels
CT News    Celtics Show Signs of Life: Beat Lakers 87-86
NY Post    Wily Walsh keeps eye on the prize
CSN-NE   It's official: Celtics acquire Nate Robinson
Celtics 87, Lakers 86: Live Blog
Celtics notes: A no-trade celebration for Allen
Celtics feel like they've lost a brother
Spears: Knicks have no shot at LeBron
Telegram    Celts think small, deal House for Robinson
Hoopsworld    Knicks: Walsh’s High Stakes Wager
WEEI     The Three-Pointer: Back to business for C's
Giddens reacts to trade
Google   Allen shines as Celtics edge Lakers    Despite win, Celtics look worse for wear
Helium   Best players ever in Boston Celtics franchise history
Fox Sports    Now, Boston really does suck
Enterprise    Celtics do minor tweaking with acquisition of Robinson    Celtics acquire Nate Robinson, Marcus Landry from Knicks
Lakers Freedom Blogging     Celtics won’t find any rainbows at Staples
Hoopsvibe    Nate Robinson and Antawn Jamison excellent back-up plans for Celtics and Cavaliers
Gothamist    Knicks Dealing at NBA Trade Deadline
Slam Online    Rashard Lewis Not Scared By Jamison Trade
North Coast Now     Cavs land Jamison, should get ‘Z’ back
Bleacher Report    Boston Celtics Acquire Nate Robinson From New York Knicks: Is It Enough?
Boston Celtics Fall Short in Attempt For Major Upgrade at Trade Deadline
Hoops Addict     China, Marbury And The Next Yao
Celtics 18    Who the heck is Marcus Landry?

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