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Ainge Pulls Off Time Warp Blockbuster

Somehow lost in the paperwork of the NBA trade deadline, a blockbuster trade was completed at the trade deadline that hasn't been reported until now. CelticsBlog sources have confirmed that the 2010 Celtics have acquired 2008 Kevin Garnett and 2008 Ray Allen in exchange for the 2010 versions of KG and Ray.

Danny Ainge was unwilling to comment due to the unusual nature of the trade, but John Locke had this to say.  "Danny is a creative guy," he said.  "He didn't explain to me how he did it, he just smirked, nodded, and walked away.  I think the island wanted this to happen."

The team has enjoyed the benefits of the move right away.  The new Garnett has had more spring in his step and has been more active on defense and on the boards.  His shot has been falling more regularly as well.  The new Ray has hit the ground running by shooting 65% from the field including 7-13 from downtown.

Ainge also tried picking up the 2008 Paul Pierce, but Wyc wouldn't sign off on any deals trading away Paul Pierce, even for himself.  Adding those two pieces to the current group, which includes the much improved Kendrick Perkins and first time All Star Rajon Rondo, puts them right back into the hunt for the 2010 title.

The long term impact on the salary cap and space time continuum has not yet been determined.

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