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Dwyer: Don't Be Scared of Nate Robinson

This was posted a day or so ago, but I wanted to highlight it for anyone that missed it.

Don't be scared of Nate Robinson - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports

It's understandable why Nate Robinson might turn some off. You don't have to suffer him gladly. You don't have to sit through the preening, the broken plays, the dunk contest silliness, the shoot-at-your-own-basket craziness in silence. The guy has issues.

But he can also play, play well and contribute to a good team. And he also had to suffer through the indignity of a needless benching from Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni this season.

The whole thing is worth the read.  Also, as noted earlier, Kelly Dwyer will be on CSL tonight.

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