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The Nate Robinson Era Begins

You couldn't draw this one up any better.  Tomorrow Nate Robinson will start his Celtic career by playing against the team that he played for during the first 4 and a half years of his young career.  He'll get a chance to stick it to the coach that benched him for weeks.  He'll get to shake hands with the few former teammates that are still on the team waiting for the summer of LeBron.  Most importantly he'll have a chance to finally play for a team that can talk about competing for a championship without breaking into a giggle-fit. - Nate Robinson wants to be a winner

“It’s a blessing, there’s no way around it,” Robinson said of last week’s trade that sent him from the Knicks to the Celtics. “They know how to win, they know what it takes to be champions and I’m trying to learn that.”

In short, this might be the most anticipated game between a team with a 35-19 record and a team with a 19-35 record (they are playing now, so this will change).

With that said, I fully expect Nate to be a sideshow (in every sense of the word) to the main event.  Boston should by all accounts win this game.  New York now consists of a regenerated Tracy McGrady, a very good David Lee, the immortal Al Harrington, a few young players getting their feet wet and..., well, Eddie House.

Speaking of young players, I wonder if we'll see a Bill Walker sighting (JR Giddens is still recovering from his surgery).  Bill didn't get any time in the last game and isn't in the game tonight.  By the way, am I the only one that keeps forgetting that we also got someone named Marcus Landry in the deal?  What's the over/under on minutes he'll play this year?  20?  15?  Less?

So what do you expect out of the Nate Robinson era?  How many points will he score against his former team?  How long will he be a Celtic?  What do you think?

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