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Nate Robinson Quotes

If you don't know Nate very well by now, you'll soon find out that he's not shy.  Here are some quotes from him on joining the Celtics.  The first of many, many, many quotes I'll most likely be posting here.  Enjoy.

Nate Robinson yearns to win, win, win -

"I love the way everything is team," he said. "They kind of play like a college team. It’s all about the team and winning and the championship. You can see it in their eyes, you can see how hungry they are. I’ve been hungry like that since I was born."

"It's just a sigh of relief to be on a team that just wants to win, win, win," Robinson said. "That's all it's about. I love that. I want to be a part of a great team, a great organization that has a lot of great history, and hopefully I'll get to set some myself."

Robinson with Celtics in nick of time as he faces ex-team - The Boston Globe

"This is a great opportunity to grow as a player and mature as a player and be around some great vets that know the game,’’ Robinson said before the Boston premiere of the HBO documentary "Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals’’ at TD Garden. "They can pass down the traits to becoming a good veteran. I’m still young, I’m 25, and there’s a lot of basketball to play.’’

"One thing I respect about Doc, when we played the Celtics, the one thing he would do is show respect and say he loves my game, he loves how I play,'' Robinson said. "He told me I was going to be a good player one day. Now that I am here, it shows how much he really did respect my game and how much he liked me as a player. It's a blessing to be here and [have] an opportunity.''

For more of Nate on Nate, check out his twitter account.  #wordaapp

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