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Danny Won't Lose Their Numbers

Sad to see Bill Walker and JR Giddens go?  Don't rule them (or Marcus Landry) out for next year.  With just 6 guys under contract (and already over the salary cap), we'll be looking for guys to sign for cheap.  New York will likely be renouncing the rights to just about everyone to clear room.  Here is what Ainge had to say about the young players.

Is it a good thing for a guy like Bill Walker to go to a team where he can get some minutes and learn the game?

It’s a problem throughout the league. There’s a lot of guys that can play that just don’t get the opportunity to play. I’m anxious to see how Billy is going to play. There just wasn’t minutes for him, same with J.R [Giddens]. When they went down to the D-League they did excellent and they performed. Now we have another kid, Marcus Landry, and he looked good in practice today. He’s another kid that just needs opportunities to play, and they are all a little bit different. They are all guys that will be free agents this summer, so we are evaluating them regularly. There is no reason why guys couldn’t come back here and play. Billy and J.R. possibly could. I’m anxious to see what these guys can do over the course of their careers. We liked them when they were here, they did everything right.

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