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Who Will Guard LeBron?

With Pierce and Daniels likely out, who's left to check one of the top 2 players in the game?

Celtics pestered by flu bug - The Boston Globe

Tony Allen will likely draw tonight’s assignment on James, with newcomer Marcus Landry a possibility in relief. But Rivers said: "[Rajon] Rondo may have to guard him - if Marquis and Paul don’t play, I don’t know who we’re going to put on him. It’s not easy to guard him on any night anyway, and it’s going to be tough [tonight].’’

Ray Allen figures to see plenty of James when the Celtics decide to double team. "A guy his size, he’s normally on the block, power forward,’’ Allen said. "Many times, [James] is out there coming at you full speed, he knocks you over and you’re trying to foul him. It puts the advantage on him a lot of times when he’s going to the hole. So, defensively, we have to load up on him, give so many different looks. Most importantly, we can’t let those other guys go off.’’

Perkins has his own assignment to worry about.  He was asked to compare Shaq with Dwight Howard.

Kendrick Perkins has big task -

"Shaq is more physical," Perkins said after yesterday’s practice when asked to compare the two big men. "Dwight is physical, but Shaq is more physical, as far as throwing a few elbows. "With Shaq, when you come out of the game you might be hurting a little bit. I just hope I don’t come out with a broken nose or something like that. Other than that, I don’t do anything different. I’ll try and play him the same, just try and play him physical."

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