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Pierce and Daniels to Play?

According to several media outlets, via Twitter, it looks like Marquis Daniels will play tonight against the Cavaliers

Chris Forsberg's Twitter:

Marquis will play. Sounds AWFUL, but acknowledged he's sucking it up for a big game.

Our own Jimmy Toscano's Twitter:

Quis is playing tonight. Still looks a little under the weather, but who isn't?

And if you're not a fan of Twitter feeds, the Globe confirmed Daniels will play tonight on its blog:

Marquis Daniels (flu) sat sniffling at his locker, but he says he's playing tonight vs. the Cavs.

As for Paul Pierce, who many thought (myself included) would miss tonight's game, Sherrod Blakely tweeted that he might give it a go:

Pierce still a game-time decision, but it's looking as though he'll give it a go.

Take that last one with a grain of salt, for there have been no confirmed reports about Pierce's participation in tonight's game.

Forsberg also has a quick video of Pierce shooting free throws earlier. There doesn't appear to be any tape on Paul's right thumb in the video, for what it's worth. 

UPDATE: Pierce will not play in tonight's game. Via the Celtics' Twitter:

Doc says Paul is out tonight and the next couple of games.

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