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Everything started out so well.  Rondo was single handedly dominating the Cavs and we built a 13 point lead.  But the Cavs chipped away at the lead in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and then in the 4th it all fell apart for the Celtics.

Rondo went the distance and I wonder if he ran out of steam.  More likely the Cavs adjusted to what he was doing by trapping him more and getting the ball out of his hands as much as possible.  None of the Celtics could pick up the slack for him.  Perhaps that could be partly due to the fact that they weren't involved early on?  

Rondo looked particularly bad on the end of quarter plays where we got nothing out of the plays.  Those were times when we could have used Pierce.

Hats off to LeBron and the Cavs that took our best punch and kept on swinging back till they knocked us on our butts.

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