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Have You Lost Faith?

Serious question. Have you lost faith in this team?

I know nobody is going to turn in their Celtics fan-card over a few months of bad basketball, but you have to admit, this isn't looking too good. You can be a fan of this team and still not believe in them. I'm not quite sure I'm there yet, but Gary Washburn sums up this feeling well:

In end, Celtics had had enough - The Boston Globe

Games like these make Boston fans look forward to Red Sox Opening Day and the NFL draft. Fans started leaving TD Garden when the Cavaliers took a 10-point lead with 5:29 left. Their faith was gone. They realized there was little chance of a rally, not with Garnett timid, Rondo misfiring, and Ray Allen stifled by the Cleveland defense.

Was it just a week ago that the Celtics, thanks to their defense, beat the Lakers at the Staples Center? The Cavaliers shot nearly 65 percent in the second half. So, the Celtics have two choices: Hold up their 2008 championship trophy and realize the run is over or scrape up what’s left of their pride, generate more energy, and focus on improvement.

The question is whether it’s too late.

We've got 26 games left before the playoffs. Can we turn this around or have you lost faith?

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