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The Celtics fall to the NBA's worst team - the New Jersey Nets - by a score of 104-96. 

What can you say?

  • Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, and Courtney Lee all eclipsed 20 points for the Nets.
  • The Nets certainly won the battle from the free throw line. New Jersey: 34-41....Boston: 9-11...Can't blame the refs though, when the Celtics played with no sense of urgency. 
  • Lopez shot more  free throws by himself than the Celtics did as a team.
  • Kendrick Perkins could only muster two points and two rebounds today. 
  • The  Celtics out-rebounded the Nets 41-35 and dished out 17 more assists (32-15). 
  • Despite brief signs of life late in the fourth quarter, the Celtics were flat from the 8:21 mark of the first quarter through the end.

Do you even want me to try and put a silver lining on this? Because there really isn't one.

  • Rajon Rondo handed out 17 assists, bringing his streak of games with 11 or more assists to six games - one off the Celtics' team record. 
  • Kevin Garnett finished with 26 points and nine rebounds on 12-16 shooting. He went down with just under four minutes in the third quarter and grabbed at his right knee. He finished the game, so I assume it's nothing serious, but we can't ignore it. 
  • Marquis Daniels hit 8 or 9 shots and scored 16 points...For what it's worth. 
I asked for consistency earlier today. My question is...The way the Celtics played over the final five minutes, when they outscored New Jersey 20-10...Where was that all afternoon? This is exactly what I'm talking about. 

I'm sure this loss will evoke plenty of emotion, as it should. But please, keep the comments respectful. Remember, we're upset with the Celtics. Not each other. 

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